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There Was a Fire





After years of abuse, Julia Richards flees from her psychotic husband Justin, barely surviving his attempt to burn her alive. Seriously injured in body and in soul, Julia adopts a new identity and embarks on a panicked flight westward.


A disguised Julia finds haven at the isolated and haunted Sears Ranch in Wyoming. Although only Julia can see the spirits from the ranch’s troubled past, with nowhere else to go, she settles in as the cook.


Keeping her past torments a secret, Julia slowly finds solace and then love in the arms of the ranch’s owner, Calder “Doc” Sears.


But her new life threatens to burst into flames when Justin finds her, hellbent to finish what he started months ago—to murder her in the most painful way his sick imagination can conjure.


Julia must face down ghosts of the past to save her new love and new life from the fires of a madman’s vengeance.


"...I have seldom, if ever, encountered a work of this complexity and emotional depth, and was mesmerized by the skillful storytelling and amazing characters. The supernatural elements intrigue and tease throughout. What a great read! "

-Melissa Martin Ellis, The Everything Ghost Hunting Book


"I blame Nancy Roy for the bags under my eyes. Her deliciously addictive debut novel, There Was A Fire, kept me up late, gobbling page after riveting page of vivid characters and absorbing plot line, until the story's final, shocking conclusion. Be forewarned: Nancy Roy is a master of romantic suspense."

-Lisa Molinari- The Meat and Potatoes of Life


"Suspenseful, tense and moving...a tale of terror, love and raw emotion...Nancy Roy is a talent to watch!"

-Mark Ellis- Creator of the best selling Outlanders series.

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