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These stories come to me whole. They are delivered from whatever force of creativity blesses us with those times of true inspiration. I imagine them, like one watches a movie; once the images begin to play in my mind I can't wait to see how the story will end.


My sincerest gratitude goes to you, the reader. In our time-starved existence, I appreciate you making space in your life to go along on this journey. I hope you fall in love with these worlds, as I did, and that whatever scars you may carry are light, and that you bear them with honor. And so it begins...

There Was a Fire



Think The Horse Whisperer meets Sleeping with Enemy.

She didn't know she was running to him....

When Julia "Win" Richards escapes her old life, the wounds of her psychopath husband's abuse are still raw. Her only goal was to simply survive.


It all changes one night in Colorado, when fate and tequila bring her to the arms of Calder "Doc" Sears. He sees to it that her escape is complete, and settles her into his ranch cradled in the majesty of the Wyoming high country. With the help of nine quirky ranch hands, a mysterious ghost, and some really good pie, Win's healing truly begins.  Beyond just the scars of the flesh, hearts will earn their solace and long dormant secrets will be answered. But when her husband tracks her to the isolated ranch, old wounds will be opened and herald a conclusion as twisted as the journey itself.


The story of Win and Doc will stay with you long after the last page is turned.





Ann Undone


Think Bridget Jones meets DaVinci Code!

My next novel is well on its way to the unique climax awaiting the characters. This time we start in Newport and make our way to the rarified world of old money Paris. Along the way Ann Kahn must negotiate the vestiges of a brutal divorce, the ongoing judgment of her ample physical body, an indecent proposal that lands her at the top of the Paris elite heap, two hotter than hot Aussie brothers, and of course, three 17th century portraits that literally speak to her from under her bed.

Coming Fall 2018


Prequel to There Was a Fire


Ever wonder what went on on the Sears Ranch before Win showed up? Me too.

Stay tuned as the previous generations' tale unfolds. This is the story of Dodge, June, Wally and Mary Ava. Proving once again, we never really know our parents' lives.

Coming early 2019. 


Pale Winter


Now, more than just a twinkle in my mind's eye. Rest assured the worlds of mysteriously appearing tattoos, love and revenge, will all collide as the characters take refuge inside an ancient wooden house that clings to a jagged rock in the middle of a New England bay. 


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